I have been a patient of Dr. Arora’s for just over 2 years now and have nothing but great things to say about him and his staff. I used to suffer from lower back pain which is now gone. Not only has the torque release treatment solved my back issues but I feel better overall with more energy as well as hardly ever suffering from headaches and colds. I am truly amazed by the results. Both Dr. Arora and his staff are friendly, knowledgeable and very accommodating. One of my biggest concerns was that I didn’t want to come in for multiple appointments a week for the rest of my life to feel good like some of my friends and family who have visited chiropractors in the past. Dr. Arora shared this goal and I am now down to bi-weekly visits. I am extremely satisfied with the service and results I have received at Arora Family Chiropractic.

Ryan Girardin




Early benefits included better sleep and energy. I like the gentle technique Dr. Arora uses (Torque release technique)
My back pain became manageable enough so I could work again, and I find Dr. Arora very respectful and professional.  Thank you!

Barb Rapson






My first meeting with Dr. Arora was about one and a half year ago, and I have found his method of chiropractic care to be a lasting remedy for me.  Two years ago, I dreaded vacuuming, snow clearing, and my favourite pastime, gardening, as I knew my back would give me so much pain for days, just from a couple of hours of bending and stretching.  But today, I can work for one to two hours, aching yes, but after an hour of rest, I can start over again, with no after effects.  Dr. Arora always listens to what you have to say, and will make suggestions as to how to help yourself with the healing process.  I would certainly recommend his service to anyone, as I have done with my family. And they also concur with my remarks!

From the Matriarch of 4 Generations of Patients!

I have been a patient at Dr. Arora’s Chiropractic Clinic for about two years. I must admit that I went there out of curiosity and not as a result of any illness. However, after the first few treatments I noticed that a lower back pain that I have lived with for a number of years had disappeared, and a neck pain, resulting from hypercalcification in the cervical vertebrae region, had also disappeared. I have had two post-treatment assessments and the results indicated that my body is achieving near perfect homeostasis. I am already experiencing a regular sleeping pattern, more energy, no pains and normal body functions. In addition to regular physical exercise, chiropractic treatment was one of the best health decisions I have made.

Algernon C. Karim